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Evident was born out of a dream ......

Every patient visits doctor with HOPE, not with problems. Hope that the problem will be cured and can live a HAPPY life. At Evident, our life's purpose is to do justice to that hope. "Dentistry is way of life here"!

Evident helps you understand your condition better. We believe in a way of treating that involves TRANSPARENT information sharing at every stage. Walk in with smile, you are FAMILY here!

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Evident was born out of a dream....

During 2003, my internship days 6 of my friends started their preparations to persue a dental career overseas. The reasons were the same why H.K.Kurana and Amrithya sen left their home country. Lack of opportunities, corruption, politics, exploitation of deserving people, lack of recognition for quality, etc. Everybody believes that we dont have the power to change the whole system! The truth is we all have the power to create a smallest positive change in our respective fields.

Every single person who walks into a dental clinic not with problems, but with hope! The hope that the unconcievable dental problem will be treated with an affordable and comfortable treatment solution to lead a happy and healthy life. An opportunity to live my life as a dentist, be it coincidence or karma, the purpose is to do justice to the hope of every single human being walking into my life.

Right after my graduation in january 2004, it was full of dreams and passion. Like any small town boy with big city dreams with very little consciousness about the chalenges ahead. The need to be modern and visible in healthcare was considered more important than being scientific and humane. The destiny of healthcare education was determined by return on investment. I believe the destiny of a healthcare education is to give one a purpose, life s purpose!

I decided to start with fundamentals...., "let's help people understand their dental condition". Because I believe that understanding our health problem is the more important than getting treated.

I had A dream,

Dream to establish a place where people are happy coming and getting treated, to have an ambience what every human being deserves in a dental clinic, to render an evidence based dental care with strong scientific concepts utilising cutting edge technology and to be a part of a team that believes in science and humane.

The journey started on September 16, 2005 at Velachery. Hoping to realise all dreams.....

Since then every single day passed with

One more decayed tooth restored to ease the pain endured..

One more lost tooth replaced in an elderly individual so that he can chew the food he desires

One more crooked tooth alighned in a teenager so that he can smile confidence

Atleast One patient a day, treated with evidence based dentistry, using state of the art armamentarium, experience the ambience one deserves.

The smiles of our clients got brighter, our passion to dream got bigger.

Introduced radio visuo graphy, intra oral imaging, rotary endodontics, bio functional prosthodontics, precision attachment systems, implant dentistry, Geriatric dentistry, conscious sedation, laser dentistry, tissue regeneration, Platelet Rich Fibrin Grafting, Orofacial pain managment, All on four implant, zygoma implants, ......
People say smile is infectious. So true. We got infected with our client s smile.In an attempt to reach more people, make them smile

2010 - Evident Thiruvanmiyur followed.....
2011 - Evident Shozhinganallur followed. .........

and the fascinating journey to realise the dream continues......

Today evident is a passionate team hoping to make world a better place than it was before evident is born. A happy and committed team, derives it's happiness by helping the people who walk into our dental practice, in every possible way we can....

We are not trying to do anything magical. But to help you understand your dental condition, correlate with scientific rationale and offer wholistic evidence based treatment solutions. We involve you in decision making by explaining various methods in which we can restore your dental health. Serve you with the treatment choices you make, thus improve your quality of life. Welcome home!


The purpose of healthcare does not lie in performing the most complex procedures alone, but performing the simplest procedure with greatest commitment. At Evident, we promise to put our best possible efforts to offer better dental health care from the simplest procedure to the most complex ones.


I am aware that i make a living out of somebody s pain and agony. Guide me to endure the pain of learning and treating.
I am aware that people fear of being cheated while getting treated. Guide me to educate, involve them in the treatment decisions.
I am aware that people have to part their hard earned money to get treated.Help me work harder to offer value for their money
I feel grateful
That scientific concepts are already evolved.....I am only learning
Evidence based treatment methods are already available.....I am only practising
State of art cutting edge technologies are already invented....I am only utilising
All these privileges are meaningless, unless it meets with the purpose
It is never about what and how, but why?
It is never about things, but about people who are in need!
Here in Evident, we constantly strive to improve your quality of life. ... We are acutely aware that this life has gifted us an opportunity to serve the needy.