Every patient visits doctor with HOPE, not with problems. Hope that the problem will be cured and can live a HAPPY life. At Evident, our life’s purpose is to do justice to that hope. “Dentistry is way of life here”! Evident helps you understand your condition better. We believe in a way of treating that involves TRANSPARENT information sharing at every stage. Walk in with smile, you are FAMILY here!


What Our Patients Say About Us

Evident was born out of a dream

During 2003, my internship days 6 of my friends started their preparations to persue a dental career overseas. The reasons were the same why H.K.Kurana and Amrithya sen left their home country. Lack of opportunities, corruption, politics, exploitation of deserving people, lack of recognition for quality, etc. Everybody believes that we dont have the power to change the whole system! The truth is we all have the power to create a smallest positive change in our respective fields.

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I am aware that i make a living out of somebody s pain and agony. Guide me to endure the pain of learning and treating.I am aware that people fear of being cheated while getting treated. Guide me to educate, involve them in the treatment decisions.I am aware that people have to part their hard earned money to get treated.Help me work harder to offer value for their money

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The purpose of healthcare does not lie in performing the most complex procedures alone, but performing the simplest procedure with greatest commitment.

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